Spicy rainbow roll nutrition

Japanese rainbow roll is another type of sushi called makizushi.

Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse, Sushi Bar, Hibachi Grills and.

Spicy Shrimp Roll. Kikka. Spicy California Roll.

We Ranked Sushi Rolls By Their Calorie Count. Ever wonder how many calories that shrimp tempura sushi roll really is. Do I want the spicy tuna sushi roll or the rainbow sushi roll. The spider roll or the. Get nutrition, ingredient and allergen information for Spicy Rainbow Roll, 8 oz, by Kikka Sushi, sold at Whole Foods Market.

Nutrition Information (USA) - AFC Sushi. RAINBOW ROLL SPECIAL (Brown Rice). Canada Nutrition - AFC Sushi. RAINBOW ROLL SPECIAL SPICY ROLL - IMITATION CRAB (Brown Rice) Calories. (kcal). Serving Size (g). Is Sushi Healthy.

I love this wrap because I can eat all of the colors of the rainbow.

Calories in Fusion Type Sushi Rolls - Sushi Calories - Sushi. Here is a list of an average piece of fusion type sushi rolls and their caloric value. Thick 148 cal Philadelphia Roll Thin 71 cal Rainbow Roll 1 cup of spicy sauce is about 800 calories and roughly 100 calories for a whole roll or 13 calories. Nutritional Info - Sushi Boss. Sushi Boss is an innovative sushi concept, located in Indianapolis, that lets you create your own sushi rolls in any combination you desire. Nutrition - Redshell Sushi. Click on each item to see nutrition, ingredient, and allergen information.

Calories in Tuna Roll.

Spicy Salmon Roll Rainbow Roll (White Rice. Grocery 2019 Safeway - Feb 2019 Serving size Calories. Calories. Calories from Fat. Total Fat. Saturated Fat. Trans Fat.

Cholesterol. Sushi Calories and Nutritional Information - The Sushi FAQ. Listing the calories in sushi including all your favorite types of sushi, rolls, and sashimi, along with fat, carbs, fiber, Spicy Tuna Roll, 290, 11.0, 2, 3.5, 24, 7.5. Nutrition Use the calculator - SanSai. Nutrition Calculator. clear all. The Essence Hand Roll Spicy Tuna.